Plan Administration

The Winnipeg Police Pension Board has been established under City of Winnipeg By-law to be responsible for administration of the Winnipeg Police Pension Plan. The Winnipeg Police Pension Board also fulfills the role of Pension Committee as required under Manitoba’s Pension Benefits Act.

The Board is comprised of nine voting members: five are appointed by the City of Winnipeg, two are appointed by the Winnipeg Police Association, one is appointed by the Winnipeg Police Senior Officers’ Association, and one is elected by non-active and other beneficiaries under the Plan. In addition, a maximum of four non-voting members may be appointed to the Board, one from each of the groups listed above.

The day-to-day administration of the Plan is carried out by the management and staff of The Winnipeg Civic Employees’ Benefits Program.

Pension benefits are financed by the assets (including investment earnings) of the Plan and the contribution obligations of the City of Winnipeg and the active members under the Plan. The City is responsible for the financial solvency of the Plan with respect to benefits other than cost-of-living adjustments beyond a minimum level. In addition to matching active member contributions, the City of Winnipeg is obligated to fund any difference between the combined employee/employer contributions and the current service cost of non-indexed benefits, as well as contribute 2% of pensionable earnings for cost-of-living adjustments.