Governance Summary

The Winnipeg Civic Employees’ Benefits Program superseded the former Employee Benefits Program of the City of Winnipeg, effective January 1, 2003.

It is comprised of:

  • The Winnipeg Civic Employees’ Pension Plan (the Pension Plan), a registered pension plan under the Income Tax Act
  • The Winnipeg Civic Employees’ Early Retirement Benefits Arrangement (ERBA), which supplements the benefits under the Pension Plan in certain circumstances
  • The Winnipeg Civic Employees’ Long Term Disability Plan (the Disability Plan)

The Program operates under a jointly-trusteed governance structure according to the terms and conditions of the Pension Trust Agreement and the Disability Plan Trust Agreement, entered into by the City of Winnipeg and ten Signatory Unions.

Benefits are financed entirely by the assets (including investment earnings) of the Program and the contributions of the Participating Employers and the active Members.

Benefits are not guaranteed by the City of Winnipeg or the other Participating Employers. Employers and Members share in the surpluses and the risks associated with the Program.

The plans within the Program are governed by the trust agreements and their respective plan documents.

The Pension Trust Agreement articulates how Program contributions and benefits will be adjusted if funding deficiencies arise. Remedies available under the Pension Trust Agreement generally include:

  • Revising the actuarial assumptions;
  • Reducing the level of cost-of-living adjustments;
  • Drawing upon any available reserves;
  • Increasing contributions (subject to agreement by the City of Winnipeg and the Signatory Unions); and
  • Reducing benefits.

The Pension Plan is regulated by federal and provincial legislation. It is registered under the Income Tax Act (registration #0397877), and is designated as a multi-unit pension plan under The Pension Benefits Act of Manitoba.

The Board of Trustees

The Program is governed by two Boards:

  • The Board of Trustees of the Winnipeg Civic Employees' Benefits Program (Pension Fund)
  • The Board of Trustees of the Winnipeg Civic Employees' Benefits Program (Disability Fund)

Program Administration

The day-to-day administration of the Program is carried out by the management and staff of WCEBP under the direction of its Chief Executive Officer.